ESN Trento makes you discover a lot of places! ;)

Usually we go to Munich during the Oktoberfest...not only to visit the city ;)
In the middle of October, there is an awesome trip to Tuscany (Pisa, Florence, and Siena).
In November there is ICE - Incontro Culturale Erasmus in Rome! Can you imagine 2000 Erasmus in the "Capitale"? ;)
In December we usually visit Innsbruck and meet...KRAMPUS!
During the spring, there are TWO really important trips: ESNow (4 days of skiing and parties in Folgaria) and Evento Nazionale (4 days of P A R T I E S to celebrate the end of your Erasmus and say goodbye to Italy and to your friends - SOLE, MARE, EVENTO NAZIONALE!).
You will also have the chance to visit Verona, Venice, and Bologna... ;)

Stay tuned!