ESN Trento, in cooperation of the University of Trento, has prepared an initiative for the incoming Erasmus students: the Tutor-Buddy programme.

Thanks to this initiative Erasmus students can ask for a buddy: a local student who would like to help an exchange student through the first few weeks of his/her stay in Trento.

For local students the Tutor-Buddy programme represents an excellent opportunity to meet new friends, to improve a foreign language, to introduce our country to students coming from all over the world and, for sure, to have a lot of fun.

In general the Tutor, on the base of his/her willingness, could:

  • pick-up the Erasmus student at the train station;
  • help them to look for an accomodation or check in to the accomodation assigned by the Opera Universitaria;
  • give useful information about University courses;
  • give advice on where to shop;
  • introduce the Erasmus student to the university life in trento.

The extent of the relationship beyond this is determined individually, but many tutors become real friends with their buddies.

To participate, Erasmus students can join the initiative from the following link: