Trento has a local ESN section since 1992, before it was called "Associazione Trentina Studenti Erasmus". The members of ESN Trento are volunteer students that passionately dedicate some of their time (or a lot of it) to the association. Every year ESN Trento welcomes and supports Exchange Students, organizing a tutoring programme for Erasmus students, a tandem project, meetings, parties, trips, events, discounts and much more.

Our goal is to:

  • help incoming students as much as we can to feel good in Trento;
  • help them get to know Trento, its sorroundings and ideally Italy, through trips, parties, cultural excursions and other events;
  • create a connection between foreign and Italian students, which is often a quite hard problem to solve;
  • contribute to the life of the city, organizing activities;
  • make it possible for both Italian and foreign students to participate in activities or meetings organized by third-parties.

ESNers are volunteers, we do not receive any money for any of our activities.