The city of Trento (Trènt in local dialect, Trient in German), the provincial and regional capital city, now has about 115.000 inhabitants.

In the middle of a glacial valley in the southern Dolomites, where the rivers Fersina and Avisio flow into Adige (the second biggest river in Italy, from which the valley takes its name), the city of the Trident is surrounded by mountains, including the Vigolana (2.150 m), the Bondone (2.181 m), the Paganella (2.124 m), the Marzola (1.747 m) and the Calisio (1.096 m). There are also several lakes in the surrounding area:  Caldonazzo, Levico, Toblino and Garda, as well as many other small alpine lakes. A popular touristic destination both in summer and in winter, Trento offers the opportunity of trying many sports, such as skiing, climbing and dragonboat.

Departing from Piazza Duomo, the real heart of the city with its Neptune’s fountain, you can easily visit the small historic centre by foot.

Via Verdi is a popular student street in the city center, full of bars where students always go, since it is within a few hundred meters from the Faculty of Law, Sociology, Humanities and Economics, as well as the CLA (the language centre of the University), the Public Library and several offices of the University, including the Agreements Office and International Mobility Division.