1. First stop, Piazza Duomo!
The spectacular 18th-Century Neptune Fountain stands here, in all its magnificence. You can admire it while sitting on the stairs, but... beware of the water!

2. The MuSe is the Science Museum of Trento. With its fascinating transparencies, it has been projected by Renzo Piano, one of the most famous Italian architects. Surrounded by trees, it's close to the Adige river and the modern "Le Albere" district.

3. The medieval city walls, still visible in Piazza Fiera, used to encircle the whole town, and were connected to the Buonconsiglio Castle. During Christmas holidays, you can admire them while drinking a typical "vin brulè".

4. Torre Verde was built in 1450, and until 1800 it was used as guard of the river harbor, before the Adige was deviated. The Tower, at the end of 1600, was called Torre dei cavoli ­or Torre delle Erbe, then its name simply turned into “Torre Verde”. During the Middle Ages it was used as jail.

5. Torre Vanga: once it was on a side of the river Adige, and it was intended to control the access to the Doss Trento hill. The area around, called "Portela" was destroyed by the bombing. Between the first (2 september 1943) and the last bombing, which took place in May 1945, there were at least 80 air raids with nearly 400 victims and 1792 damaged buildings.

6. The Doss Trento is a low hill on the right bank of the Adige. On top of Doss Trento there is the Mausoleum of Cesare Battisti, was erected in 1935, dedicated to the memory of the irredentist hero who was executed by the Austrians July 12, 1916.