In collaboration with the University of Trento, every year ESN Trento organizes the Tutor-Buddy programme. 

The project consists in supporting Erasmus students throught the help of local volunteer students.

Each year we manage to find an Italian tutori for all the Erasmus students who ask for one. Incoming Erasmus students receive an e-mail address and a phone number of a local student before coming to Trento, who helps especially them duing the first few days, but in many cases also throughout the year.

The Tutor-Buddy programme has turned up to be an excellent opportunity of cultural exchange between  local students and Erasmus students. Moreover, for Erasmus students, it has offered a really good chance to happily face the first days in Trento.

If you are an incoming Erasmus student and you want to ask for a local Tutor, click here!

If you are an Italian student and you want to be a Tutor for an Erasmus Buddy, click here!